Duality in The Waste Lands of Mid-World

Duality in The Waste Lands of Mid-World

The third volume in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, The Waste Land, is built on duality. From its structure to its characters, the novel is fixated upon binaries, the spaces created between two extremes, and the often-flawed methods used to bridge that divide. Spoilers for The Waste Land begin after the jump.

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Everything Old is New Again

Hollywood’s fascination with sequels has never been questioned: when a movie is successful, the studio may order another installment. The studio will generally expect that audience recognition of the brand will boost ticket sales higher than they would climb on a new and untested property. However, the current onslaughts of “revivals” don’t exactly follow the traditional blueprint for a standard sequel. By examining three of the most popular franchises to be revitalized – Jurassic World, The X-Files: Season 10, and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – certain trends unique to these restarted franchises become evident.

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